Bachelorette Casa – decoded

Bachelorette Casa Decoded

New to living by yourself in a new city and Pinterest and Instagram taking over your mind with over inspiration well I have been there too when I first moved to Mumbai … So here’s a small ‘s decode for you some tricks and tips to make your apartment living cosy, sustainable and aesthetic

Bachelorette Casa Decoded
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Most of the time once you do shortlist the house and the move-in date comes closer you try and make the must-have and good to have lists for your new home at times its a diligent list and as a young damsel like me in 2013 it was more of a mental list.

Low budget, easy to transport and long-lasting were the only themes in my head at the time. LOW BUDGET being on a different higher pedestal altogether

Well at the time I was sharing my home and having a roommate was just fun. So together we decided on the stuff we needed in our first unfurnished apartment (that’s what we could afford)

Before this becomes my memoir of good old days let’s quickly jump to the things I learnt while creating a bachelorette casa

Understand your apartment – Furnished vs Unfurnished??

When making a decision regarding an apartment type ensure you have a settling comfort in using the provided household stuff and appliance that come with a furnished apratment, also ensure when finalising the apartment the condition of already provided things and last servicing date of the appliances especially if you see them being a little wonky.

Girlwho says
Girlwho says – quick notes

I have always wanted to customise my apartment as per my style and getting an unfurnished or semi-furnished apartment was my idea of getting the right casa there are some interesting ways you can always look for renting few appliances even furniture and what comfort it gives is that you can get a proper functioning cleaned device or furniture and at least for me that was a sigh of relief, the other benefit is that you don’t have to invest big money upfront for something when you are not looking for a permanent setup. easy peezy RENT IT OUT…

Some great websites that helped me –

How to then go about decorating

I have always been on the move in my job so buying more permanent furniture, appliances or even big inventory in decorative items was a challenge. So I started small, looked at my requirements and then decided to rent it out luckily to my help came these amazing websites mentioned above and as an early adopter I became a subscriber. Finding just the right balance between need and budget is the key and patience to get just the right deal helped me crack the code to decorating my apartment

Connect with me to know more and hopefully I can help you with your querries

Check out some of my home pictures from the very first apartment to how I built it up slowly

Bachelorette Casa Decoded
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