Styling accommodations – A journey of its own

Soon after moving out of my vibrant Mumbai apartment, I moved into a beautiful cosy seems ancient but an accommodation which will be closest to my heart for the rest of my life.

Styling my home
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Nestled in the green lands of West Bengal, this little abode of ours is a warehouse which is tastefully modified to suit the needs of a home, our predecessors who lived here have tried to bring their design aesthetic into this accommodation basis their needs at the moment

Sometimes you could see the jigsaw puzzle when nails on this one wall here are symmetrically placed as if it was a photo wall which would have once adorn these walls of mi casa

So when I reached here and put on my home-stylist hat I just wanted to reuse the surroundings, the nails already in place the furniture we got and style it in my way with very minimum disruptions and requirement of moving things around too much

The Process

Because of heavy monsoons in this area the paint job and old cement had given up on staying together as a team and that was the first of and soon to be a long-ish list of repair works that came our way as we moved ahead. Naïve two did not know much about it but we went ahead learning and managing it day by day …

What did come in handy during the quarantine period was for any new entrant in this facility we were to stay under quarantine for 21 days and that gave us a lot of home time yes just like “me time” I have home time – a dedicated time for just doing the home thing we will talk about it more someday, however that helped us to plan our home edits then came in handy my trusted Amazon App, that had great discounts on home improvement accessories and raw stuff for many DIYs.

Unpacking the boxes and slowly making spaces and nooks to adjust home items and appliances were the next on my list I really wanted to first start with my kitchen and in parallel setup bedroom considering this was a two rooms of an old shed kind of place the structure and wiring was pretty archiac and complex so to ensure all appliances find power sources without actually being disorganised and spreadout this needed a lot of patience and human hours once we were done with placements then it was just minor tweakings and little shiftings that were needed to get them all in place

Upholstery is always a game changer when you are setting up a room so form me it was a simple neutral colors that could go with each other making sure the room looked spacious and sort of earthen to match the outdoors a lot of DIYs and table cover laters i was able to acheive the look both of us wanted

Husband at the end of all edits wanted me to update my resume and add skill like Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Painter, Landscaper… and yes I enjoyed every bit decorating this home from scratch moving in from Mumbai to this place was already a difficult shift but slowly things settled and so did I got use to the idea of doing things with very little professional helps

Well that also reminds of this beautiful track that kept playing in my brain so here’s a tiny playlist on Youtube of random beautiful songs of my journey

Here are some pictures of my journey

cover page
home repair images
at home workstation
livingroom; living room decor

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