Bedsheets – A magical tale

How to choose bedsheets… Cotton? If so, which type of cotton? or should you buy Silk? Polyester? Flannel? Linen? A blend of various materials? Well let’s get to the bottom of it keep reading

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How to select bedsheet, image of bedsheet
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Many adjectives may come to your mind when you are on the pursuit to find the perfect bed sheet for your home. Adjectives like warmth, weight, high thread count, softness, feel, fitted sheet, etc. It can be confusing to choose from a wide variety of fabrics for your bedsheets.

A quality bed sheet will have a minimum of 200 thread count at least. Top notch bed sheets possess about 250-300 thread count. And the best sheets in the market have a thread count from 600 to upwards of 1500 thread count. Anything above 1500 thread count is not a good deal to buy.

Climate, humidity play a role in how your bed sheets feel. You need a space to dry them properly and also a dryer that will be a necessity in upcoming monsoon season

What to look for?

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First and the most important decision is material of the bedsheet. You can always select the one as per your requirement. Do keep in mind natural fibre are to be carefully cured not saying they are high maintenance just to be treated well for a soft comfortable sleep time.

With cottons and other natural fabrics you have to remember to wash them with lukewarm water and note first few washes yes there will be some residual color from the dye that will drain, totally normal. A quick hack for that is to add a tablespoon of salt when you are soaking the natural fabric sheets before you throw them in the washing machine or wash them by hand. Use mild soaps

The big question polyester vs. natural fabric’…

Cotton is the prime choice of fabric to make bed sheets that are not only soft, comfortable, durable but also hypoallergenic, and environment-friendly. However you can experiment based on your style and requirement. Generally speaking, long fibers make high-quality bed sheets that are not only smooth, but better is the quality and softness of the bed sheet. Normally, a bed sheet with a thread count higher than 200 is considered to be of good quality. So look for that when buying.

Challenge with Polyester ones is that they are not breathable and more prone to static and pilling. You can look for budget friendly options in another category called Mixed blend fabric these are a tricky ones as many times sellers do not clearly call out the percentage of polyester mixed with cotton, so keep an eye on that.

Cotton fibre is derived naturally, polycotton fabric is a mix of cotton and polyester fibres. You will find several variants of polycotton depending on the cotton-polyester weightage. Cotton being a natural fabric is great for summers, is soft, and breathable. At the same time, cotton sheets are a bit on the higher end, and susceptible to wear, and tear, and wrinkling. Polycotton overcomes the challenges of cotton as it is less prone to wrinkles, is more durable, and cost-effective as well. 

Patterns vs Prints

From florals to traditional paisley motifs to solid colours to abstract patterns, bedsheets are available in several prints, designs and colours you can base your selection in different categories, I am more of a paisley and abstract print buyer yes you can be both too, however my heart goes for hand block printed bed sheets they are adaptable with any type of decor theme.

Checkout some of my home pictures on how I selected bedsheets and used them in different ways

Girlwho always prefers to remix and reuse the bed sheets, you can see a bed sheet used as lounge cover, table cloth or even a shelf cover no judgement right it’s all part of my sustainable decor style

Image of bedsheet, girlwho decor, bedsheet details, type of fabric
Bed sheet, bedsheet, image of bedcover, duvet, music
Image of bed sheet, bedsheet, girlwho decor, bedsheet details, type of fabric
Image of bedsheet, uses of bedsheet, home decor, bedsheet
Image of bed sheet, bedsheet, girlwho decor, bedsheet details, type of fabric
Girlwhosays, girlwho says, homedecor tips

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