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Hi there I’m #Girlwho, the one with the lists

I am a keen internet surfer and is my go to website since 2015 to look for interesting functional product available on good prices, However sometimes there are just too many options and quirks that it becomes a hassle to choose from so when I launched this website I wanted to utilise my hobby of list making (mostly wish listing) to help you shop quicker, smarter and hassle-free, I bring you the list of products that you can explore under various categories and ease out the struggle of going through hours of exploration.

I have spent good time curating these lists for you.. If you are looking for any particular category of product or gifting ideas head to the contact form below. Click on the images to get redirect to product page. These links will be active for 24-hours only so hurry check them out. Stay safe, stay at home, Happy shopping.

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  • Styling accommodations – A journey of its own
    Soon after moving out of my vibrant Mumbai apartment, I have now moved into a beautiful cozy seems ancient but an accommodation which will be closest to my heart for the rest of my life.
  • Bachelorette Casa – decoded
    Bachelorette Casa – Decoded a memoir of setting a singles apartment. A damsel trying to fall in love with her new city and make a tiny place where she lives a place of comfort, warmth and fun
  • Bedsheets – A magical tale
    How to choose Cotton? If so, which type of cotton? Silk? Polyester? Flannel? Linen? A blend of various materials? Well let’s get to the bottom of it
  • How to select Curtains – an adventure
    How to choose curtains? A great deal of consideration goes before you choose the window treatment which fabric, which style or look for made to order or buy from retail.

One thought on “My Amazon finds

  1. Hi friends,
    I am not personally the user of these products anyway liked the utensils spoon set, in future if I will be affordable, I may buy it. But please do look out and order it if you liked the products which will be good for your home decor. Or provide feedback if you find something to change.

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