How to select Curtains – an adventure

what to choose before you make a decision!!!

Curtains vs. blinds….

A great deal of consideration goes before you choose the window treatment which fabric, which style or look for made to order or buy from retail.

Girlwho believes that selecting between curtains and blinds is key to the entire character of your room.

Many a times we select expensive home styling items to get the cosy vibe going for the room but forget to make the important decision of choosing what type of window treatment will go with it and that my friends leads to a dispiriting effect for your room. Here’s what I typically do when choosing curtains for my room I prefer to keep it simple, maintain privacy of the room but also keeping it filled with natural light. You can look at few trick that I have mentioned below to choose an apt curtain or blind for your home too.. Keep reading hope you like it

How to choose curtain vs blinds?

Look for inspiration in your surroundings and definitely multiple instagram pages to decide what theme you want in your room next up is the lighting see if your room get early morning bright light or afternoon sharp sunlight this can be a major bummer if you don’t evaluate it.

Always keep in mind the texture I have a collection of curtains vintage silk ones that are opaque paired with some made to order sheer curtains for day time. These curtains are easy to manage and can be dry cleaned/washed in washing machine at home that’s what I really like about them.

As I live in an apartment the sheers stay on through the day with small embroideries on it, this gives me enough natural sunlight and also keeps the inside of the house out of sight.

I love to use some curtain ties to create a more aesthetic look these are mostly reuse of some old hangings I bought and are not in use. Reuse Restyle and Refurbish is my mantra for home styling always helpful and sustainable. Keeps me in budget too.

If you are thinking of investing in blinds that’s great idea too, but when there is space restrictions and if you are looking for a more permanent solution blinds are a great choice the only challenge I feel with blinds is you have limited options to constantly change them. I over the years have collected 2 – 3 sets of curtains and that gives me a lot of options to mix and match sticking to my mantra of being sustainable.

Checkout some of my home pictures on how I styled my curtains.

Check out my list of #founditonamazon to get your room an easy makeover

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