Terracotta – a love


Terracotta pottery is made by baking terracotta clay. In fact, the word “terracotta” comes from the Italian words for “baked earth.” Makes sense, right? You may also hear “terracotta“ used to describe color. The terracotta color is a natural brown-orange. I fell in love with this versatile decorative item really early in life learnt it from my Mom, how she would use them to bring in the earthy vibe at home and I think that has till date stayed with me and reflects in my style too

I remember we use to have these 3 matkis/pots that mom painted in auspicious red and yellow and decorated with glass cuttings they were adorable.

So when I moved into my appartment life this was a must have so we recreated the most versatile piece of decorative for my appartment only this time she painted them golden and with the amazing warli motif on it.

Are you fascinated by the Terracotta decor items? Check out my list of Terracotta decor items #founditonamazon

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